Day 3


7:30a.m Optional Early Morning exercise with Michelle and Melanie

8:00 - 9:00a.m Optional Italian Language Lesson


9:00a.m Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring a large appetite…today get ready for a day of exploring Florence with your "tastebuds".


We will start at The Bar Torcini… a 50 year old bar of Melanie's family. Bar Torcini is situated at the  historic Porta Romana of Florence…


Here we will sample freshly made pastries as we learn how to make that perfect espresso and cappucino by Isa, Melanie's Mother-in-law.


We will then make our way through the historic center of Florence and enjoy the sites of famous monuments and incredible works of art.


Our next destination will be Florence's Central Market...


The lesson today will be exploring the market from a Professional Chef's point of view… Learning how to shop for produce, select meats and choose gourmet condiments.


Of course we will see how fresh pasta is made and meet some of Melanie's favorite



The day will continue with a private tasting menu full of selected wines, aged cheeses,

selected chilled meats…and an incredible olive oil and aged balsamic sampling.


After the Central Market we will explore on our way through Florence, experiencing local street specialties such as, Trippa alla Fiorentina and Lampredotto.


The food intake does not stop here…We will then wind down the tour by stopping at local Artisian Gelaterias, enjoying gelatos made with fresh, local and heirloom ingredients.


We will try and figure out the answer to the age old question: " Which gelateria really does have the best gelato in Florence?"


3:30 - 7:00p.m  


Option 1: Guided tour of the Uffizi


Option 2: Private Style Consultation…Learn all about style with Florence's Top leather and

                   Fashion Designer Jennifer Tattinelli/ www.casinifirenze.it


Option 3:  Enjoy a walking shopping tour of Florence's Artisian Center and Oltrano …watch Artisians as they engage in their crafts


Option 4: Free to explore Florence "solo"


Opton 5 - Enjoy a sketching Class amidst the great outdoors


7:00p.m: Wine Tasting Event and Seminar at local Ecotecca…Melanie's favorite.


9:30p.m: Ahhhhh to view Florence at night….when the city really comes to life…Join us for a leisurely walk, listening to street musicians,  watching street performers, and viewing local artists.


11:00p.m: What better way to complete the day, then journey to Florence's most amazing Chocolate bar…. where we will pair chocolate desserts with sweet dessert wines.


Midnight: Return back to the Agriturismo…to really relax after a really "full" day.

Day 4