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Groves of olive trees heavy with fruit. Poppies on their thin stalks swaying gently in the summer breeze. And everywhere green. Nature bursting, abundent. Some call the hidden springs that run through these hills, the fountains of youth. Old timers still line up on Sundays to fill their bottles with the water that flows here – how else to explain a place with one of the world's longest life expectiences. Or a people who take pleasure in each moment, each motion, in each bite.


There is a kind of magic in the Tuscan air. A health. A vitality. Join Chef Melanie Secciani and her family as they share with you  the pure pleasure of living, eating and cooking under the Tuscan sky.


Together we prepare recipies passed down through

The Secciani  family since the 1800’s. Pick fruits and

Vegetables fresh from  their source.  And discover the secrets of the Tuscan kitchen.


3 course menus include and antipasta, primi and dolce.


5 course menus include an antipasta, primi,  secondo, contorno and dolce.


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