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If you love the outdoors and want the opportunity to try classic Tuscan dishes this is the class for you. Put on you hiking boots and get ready to explore the Tuscan woods. We go out together with Gilberto, whose been hunting Porcinis since he was 5. He’ll take us on a trek through the forest and show us his secret spots for finding the best Tuscan Porcinis. Then, we set up our grill and get ready for an  outdoor feast. You’ll learn how to choose and grill bistecca to perfection, try cheeses, olives and a variety of local heirloom vegetables that have been marinated under the best olive oils. Taste Local wines and learn my favorite buffalo mozzarella and truffle dish.  


*** Though we’re almost always successful , because of the nature of porcini hunting, finding mushrooms is never guaranteed.




Eating the Porcini, Truffle and Bistecca

Menu  in the Olive Grove.