Tuscan Cooking Classes in Florence


Cooking in The Olive Grove

Cooking Classes in Florence

Are you looking for and Authentic Tuscan Countryside Cooking Experience?

Come join us in our family’s private olive grove.

Located just 10 minutes from Porta Romano, we start by exploring the grove where you’ll learn about the fruits and vegetables we grow there. Then we’ll get down to business and prepare a classic Tuscan meal in our outdoor kitchen in the grove.

After were done working, we’ll all sit down and soak up the Tuscan sun, or sunset and enjoy a great meal together.

Our Morning and Evening classes are hands on  and available for both  small and large groups. We  offer seasonal 3 & 5 course  custom menus for private groups of anywhere from 1 to 8 students.All prices are per person. Pricing is based on the number of people in your group.

Central Market Cooking Class

Cooking Classes in Florence

What questions should you ask your butcher to get a great cut of meat? Why do the vegetables here taste different and can I get vegetables that taste as good at home? How do you buy good pasta?

Come explore Florence’s central market from a chef’s point of view. Learn how to shop for produce, meat and gourmet condiments. Taste exceptional olive oils and balsamic’s. Meet some of my favorite vendors, and taste their products.

Along the way we’ll give you tips and tricks for ways to use some of the products we see, back home. And tell you a little bit about the history of Florence’s Central market.  After, we’ll head back to the kitchen and learn to cook with some of the extraordinary products we’ve just seen.

Mushroom Hunting and Bistecca, Cooking Class

Cooking Classes in Florence

If you love the outdoors and want the opportunity to try classic Tuscan dishes this is the class for you.

Put on you hiking boots and get ready to explore the Tuscan woods.

We go out together with Paolo’s father, Gilberto, whose been hunting Porcinis since he was 5. He’ll take us on a trek through the forest and show us his secret spots for finding the best Tuscan mushrooms (there are way more than just Porcinis out there).

Then, we set up our grill and get ready for an  outdoor feast. You’ll learn how to choose and grill bistecca to perfection, try cheeses, olives and a variety of local heirloom vegetables that have been marinated under the best olive oils. Taste Local wines and learn our favorite mushroom and truffle dishes

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Cooking Classes in Florence, Italy