It is always an honor when somebody takes the time to review us, or features us on a blog, website or tv show. To everyone who has done so, and lets us know that what we do matters to them – Thankyou – Paolo & Melanie


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Professional Food Critics, Travel Writer, Bloggers, and Chefs

New Zealand Herald – Italy: a Passion for Pasta feature ”

          “Melanie had a way of making us all feel like we were part of her family. We cooked together, laughed together, drank together and ate together.

There was no time limit and no structure and I think that’s a big part of the reason why it was such a special day….Anyone interested in food knows Italian cuisine honours quality ingredients with a simple approach to cooking and Melanie’s cooking style is no different. Everything we made was dead simple but amazing and delicious….At the end of the day, as I paid a sad farewell to my new foodie friends, that’s how I felt: nourished in mind, body and spirit.” - Kristina Rapley


Natalie Maclean is an award winning author, food & wine critic, and blogger. To have a recipe chosen by her to review for a wine pairing is flattering in itself. To have so many selected by her for as feature is a true, true honor. Here are some the the recipes she’s featured:

          “This recipe for Seared Beef Sirloin with Arugula and Balsamic from Melanie Secciani of The Spice Lab would be perfect with a robust, mouth-watering Italian red, such as an Amarone or Brunello di Montalcino. Here’s the recipe …”—tuscan-bread-salad/612


Australian Chef Camilla Baker has returned to Italy and is documenting her year of living and eating in Tuscany in her blog “Italy Take Two”. Paolo and I had her and her family up to the grove to cook, play and eat. Here’s what she thought:

“I don’t have to tell you the olive grove holds a special place in my heart and being asked back for a second week was heavenly for all four of us. We will have many more fun days/nights with Melanie and her family this I am sure of but for me this will be a memory I will hold onto when I’m wondering what an earth I have done with my life……I feel very lucky indeed.”  - Camilla Baker


Carly is a professional food and travel blogger who chronicles her travels on her blog Carly-ridingthewaves

- “Anyway, she was amazing. If you’re ever in Florence or anywhere close to it, spend a day with Melanie in her outdoor kitchen in       the middle of an olive grove with a view of the Tuscan countryside better than anything you’ll see in any photographs. Not only will you taste some of the best food of your LIFE, but you’ll get to experience the Tuscan culture as it’s meant to be experienced, and that’s a priceless way to spend a day”



Video/ TV

Melanie has also been featured on several Italian Food programs including the Florence episode Gambero Rosso’s Nudo e Crudo with Simone Rugiati  - making risotto – (sorry can’t find a link)  and films regularly for Aspettando il Tg on Italia7,hGOCjx68np0/secciani/ASPETTANDO-IL-TG—19-3-2013  – Aspettando – Il – TG - In the Market Video



Public Reviews:

You can find lots of comments – the good, bad, and ugly online. Once again, we are so grateful to all the people who have taken time out of their valuable days to join, review, and talk about us. The last 5 years have been amazing, and we feel we’ve made friends with so many of you. Thankyou, for sharing the grove with us.


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