Custom Classes

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Custom Classes

Sometimes what you want, is just to get of the beaten track. And you love food. We get people all the time who have dreamed of coming to Italy and literally playing with their food. This isn’t so much a class, as a experience. So like most experiences, there is no absolute set formula. And it does depend on you.

Maybe your coming during olive season and want to see it pressed, or go meet my butcher  and learn a little about meat (yes he’s awesome and no he’s not at the central market). Maybe it’s getting behind a real local coffee bar and learning to make a cappuccino, or crawling into a World War 2 foxhole hidden in the hillside (yep I swear we’ve done that!).

In additon to offering day classes, multiday and week long cooking and food classes –  experiences can be customized to make your fantasy culinary  vacation dreams come true. If you want to do something, let us know – if we can’t do it we’ll tell you.

Since custom classes have no set formula there is no set price list for them. But they almost always involve Gilberto or Piero (Paolo’s uncle who owns the grove), so the Mushroom Hunting, Bistecca Cooking Class is a pretty good guide.

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